Sunday, March 16, 2008

Very Bad Blogger

Well, what can I say? Having four kids keeps me on my toes, and although I would rather be updating our blog than doing many of the things that need to get done in any given day, I just haven't been able to sit down and do it. To be honest with you, now that we are so settled into our routine, it almost seems weird to update our blog. Believe it or not, Sophie will be home with us for SIX MONTHS this week. So now I keep thinking that if I'm not giving my opinions or personal anecdotes as they relate to our actual adoption process (which I know from personal experience can be very helpful to fellow adoptive parents), and I'm not updating our friends and family on our actual trip, then isn't it a little weird just to update everyone on our everyday lives? Although we are immensely proud of our children and the little and big things they do on a daily basis, does anyone else really care? I'm afraid I'll start sounding like a braggy Christmas letter from a random acquaintance. But then, someone who has been asking me often for updates reminded me that I am not asking people to come read this - it's not like an unsolicited email or letter, so it's a little different and certainly ok. I hope that is true, but I will now warn you that my blog has sort of morphed into the mundane (though very happy) tales of the Daileader clan. I will not be offended (and probably won't even know) if you disappear and never check our blog again. But for our family and friends that live far from us, and for those of your that are just curious as to how things are going, I continue to think that this is a great way to share pictures and updates. And it's even a little cathartic for me!

So onto the fun stuff! Here is Sophie watching the big kids on their scooters in the driveway. I cannot wait until spring (and for her to walk) so we can be outside a little more often.

Sophie aboslutely LOVES her bath (as do William and Katie - I think they like it more because they can play and splash with Sophie because before she came home, they both preferred to shower!)

She's actually not usually this happy on her changing table, but perhaps she's still reveling in her post-bath joy.

And here we are at the local children's museum climbing on the gorillas. The place was a bit overwhelming for her - she still doesn't like me out of her sight in big crowds, but was fun for her when she was out of the stroller.

Here she is with Chloe the dog. She abolutely loves dogs and is actually making me think that we will need to get one fairly soon. Our new house already has an electric fence installed, so my excuses are running out. Don't get me wrong, I know I will love having a dog, but since I've never had one, I think I am very afraid of the time commitment and think it might make more sense after the kids are a little bigger.

I was lucky enough to be able to escape the cold for a few days when my mom and I celebrated her 60th birthday in Miami in early March. Happy Birthday Mom! We had a great time for four full days of girl time in the sun.

Here the kids are on the swings just today. They still can't really get enough of Sophie - she can do no wrong in their eyes. Even if she bites them (only while teething - not maliciously) they are actually pretty good with her!
She is going to be a daredevil - she doesn't seem to have any physical fears yet, and absolutely loves the swings.

Well I think those are all the pictures for now. Otherwise things are really busy but lots of fun. We are actually moving within town in June and are very excited to be closer to the beach. It will be a lot of work to move, but luckily, the house itself won't need any work, so I'm already trying to convince myself that the move and getting settled doesn't have to happen overnight. I'd rather enjoy the summer with the kids and spend time finishing all of that up in the fall when they are back to school. (I know, most of you are laughing at this knowing how type-A I am, but I figure if I say it out loud, I may actually do that!)
All of our winter activities are slowly finishing up. Matthew and Katie had a busy winter skiing and just started learning to snowboard, which they both love. Matthew played hockey for the first time this winter and lucked out by being on the league champion team. Although we don't think he'll be the next Bobby Orr, he scored lots of goals over the season and seems to love it. I was dreading it at first (mostly b/c of the schedule), but it's really hard not to get way over-excited at the games. I probably would have embarrassed him with my cheering in the stands if he could have actually heard me. Now Katie wants to start next year - I think I'm officially a hockey mom.
William has really turned the corner and seemes to be much more of a "big boy" now than a toddler. He takes such good care of Sophie it's really sweet to watch. He always wants to know where she is when she's napping and can't wait for her to wake up. With everyone else, he's pretty much a bruiser, so this caring side of him gives us hope!
Sophie has 6 teeth now and doesn't seem to be stopping teething any time soon. She has had the hardest time with new teeth of the four. I'm sure part of it is amnesia on my part, but her teeth just seem so painful these days. She's cruising a ton now, but probably won't walk on her own for a good couple of weeks. Babbling away, playing on her own more now and generally being loud just to make sure we still know she's there! She's been pretty consistent at her Dr's appointments - she's basically about 60-65% in height (and climbing) and only 5% in weight. NONE of us have been like that, so she will probably be the thinnest and tallest in the family.
OK, now I am starting to sound like one of those letters, so I'll stop here. I promise to try to be better about posting. I generally take more pictures as the weather warms up, so that will probably be my inspiration to post more!