Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May Flowers

Another late hello, but better late than never! I can already tell the set up of this page will be messed up, but I'm too tired to figure it out. As always (and as with everyone else, I'm sure), we've been busy, but are finally enjoying some great weather here. This was the best Memorial Day weekend that I can remember in a LONG time. Luckily, we were able to enjoy it and relax before a very busy next month (moving, end of school, etc).

Basically, I thought I'd share some pictures of the weekend and tide our family over for a little while! This first one is everyone having some quiet time (that's not really possible with four, but they do calm down a bit once in a while). Sophie MUST be right in the middle of the action at all times and loves to crawl right up and give hugs and kisses even if it's in the middle of a wrestling match! She's about to walk (I've been saying that for about two months now, but I really do think it will happen any day now). She is talking much more and absolutely loves the beach/grass/outdoors in any way. She visited Shelter Island with us for the first time and we had a blast. She absolutely loved the boat (good thing, since she wouldn't have much choice!). It's hard to believe that she's been home now more than half her life. Now, if only she could help me pack some of these boxes.....

Here are Matt & Katie enjoying the sun.
Our copy cat and boat lover.

You have to love a morning on the swings in your pjs.

The rest of these are a little older, but show a bit about our spring.

Hindley Happening bumper cars

The whole family meeting our new cousin Vieve and her mom (my cousin) Jen. Welcome to the family Genevieve!

And the biggest hit of the season - the bubble machine! More to follow sooner, I promise!