Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Can - Barack Obama Music Video

O Boy!

Wow - what a moment. After so many people told us how lucky Sophie is to have us, I can say yet again how lucky we are to have Sophie. Although my political opinions probably wouldn't have changed, I am so blessed to be watching history unfold with an entirely different perspective. I underestimated how I would react at this moment - I am emotional. My daughter will not have to question what she is able to achieve. As first stated over 200 years ago, we are infinitely closer to "all men [being] created equal." No matter who you voted for, or what political opinions you hold. You have to be in awe. Yahoooooooooo!

I just saw this on a poster on the news - don't know exactly who to thank for it....
Rosa sat,
so that
Martin could walk,
so that
Obama could run,
so that
our children can fly!