Monday, February 23, 2009

Thanks to Mama Dog

Well here I am again.  I have to say, I have been struggling over the past few months about whether to keep going with the blog.  It's not that I am a very private person, but I think this whole facebook craze has made me a little nervous about "putting it all out there."  I also don't know if it should still be a Sophie blog, or a family blog, etc.  I was introduced to a new blog (new for me, anyway) by one of my favorite bloggers, Lori.  I think Lori is perhaps one of the most insightful writers I have come across.  No surprise, that one of the blogs that she follows is as well-written and thought-provoking - Bright Beating Hearts by Mama Dog.  So, right when I was ready to pack it all in, I got a comment from Mama Dog.  They are still out there!  People still check! And some even like!  At this point, I'm sure my family has all but given up on us, but if there is even one adoptive family still following, I guess it's all worth it.  Especially if it introduces me to interesting, funny and touching blogs written by other Ethiopian adoptive families.  

So, now that it's been about six months, I have a lot to catch up on.  Of course, the easiest way for me is through pictures.  That being said, I have a few very willing to be captured on film, one who is very fickle about it, and Matthew, who is in the stage of hating it.  

One of our highlights from the new year is having our new friend Charlie come home to our town from Ethiopia (via Gladney).  We are so excited to have more and more Ethiopian babes in Connecticut.  I hope to get a few pictures with he and Sophie soon.  

I guess one reason to update more frequently is because I have way too many pictures to share - I'm sure I'll lose a few readers mid-post!  Anyway, here it goes.

This seems to be a theme of our kid pictures so far - everyone wants to squeeze Sophie, and she just wants to breathe.  Not a bad problem to have that no one can get enough of her!  This was Christmas Eve after Santa brought new pjs right to our door with sleigh bells and all (we love our new neighborhood!)
Santa brought a great doll for Sophie.  It's a little big for her right now (I think she's intimidated by her!), but when we put Sophie's hair in a band, she looks just like her!
This is her favorite buddy Johnny.  While Katie will kiss ABSOLUTELY NO ONE (including us), Sophie is all for free love.
Happy 2!!!  She was most excited about Dora, all the balloons, and especially....
her doggy cake (this is everything I got people!)
Here is my little diva on her Christening Day (well, conditional Christening since we know she had been Christened in Ethiopia).  She was SOOO good and looked adorable.  It's so different having a 2 year-old there as opposed to a newborn.  She definitely stole the show.  
The Monsignor wanted me to email him some pictures, so we got to get a few with him.  He specifically asked me to schedule it on a day he would be performing the Baptisms - he thinks she is just precious.
The kids with 2 of 16 cousins.  I think these guys could be 2 more brothers.  The boys worship them (and I love them AND their boxes of hand-me-downs ;)
Here's my sun goddess.  This one absolutely loves the water and the sand.  She would roll around for hours on the beach in Punta Cana.  
Sandcastles with Daddy.
Post-sand - happy as a clam.
This is one of the few pictures I have of Matt without a pout.  It's not a smile, but I'll take it.  He really wants to be a teenager - and NOW.
Oh! A smile!!  On a donkey, no less!
I do get lazy about her hair sometimes.  I do love her hair - it's pretty easy to do, but I am not a girly-girl and I'm only now getting better about adding hair-time to our morning rituals.Here's my extra smiley one.
Trying to look cool....
And the real William
These two literally cannot get enough of each other.  I swear it's like I have two little old married couples.  M&K are a grade apart (though almost 2 years apart) and they are best friends.  They are amazingly respectful and thoughtful towards each other - and we obviously love to see it.  I think that the same will be true for W&S (though they'll be 2 grades apart).  Both boys are so protective.  Maybe I see it more b/c I always wanted an older brother.  We do have moments where I think K&W could kill each other, but that almost seems more normal to me (though unbelievably irritating, obviously).
My vet-to-be
Just another happy donkey ride.  
Poor Paco the donkey.  He'll never be the same!
This picture is allowed b/c it's an action shot.  M&K are on the same hockey team and they were able to play during an intermission at our local NHL farm team arena, which was really cool.  Matt's a big fish this year, but will get a dose of reality next year when he moves up to squirts.  I think my days of being a hockey mom are numbered, but they both seem to love it at this point, so that's all that matters.
Katie, Katie, lemon lady waiting to skate out.
Her new favorite camera face....
William and his best buddy ever, Tommy, at the freezing Easter egg hunt.
Now, I get it, I'm supposed to scream CHEESE.
April vacation at Great Wolf Lodge.  We drove to the Poconos for a night at the indoor water park.  The kids had an absolute blast and I was as tired as they were!  I think 2 nights would be my max, but it was a great way to pass the cold, wet vacation at home.

I think that's all the excitement from our end.  I am really hoping to be in Chicago in August, hopefully with the entire family this time, but we'll have to see.  Although I've been quiet on this front, I do still check the updates of others.  It is so amazing to me to see how many families have already started the process for (or even returned with) another Ethiopian family member.  It is so incredible to watch these families grow.  I feel like I have lots to say about many recent posts, but just no time to say it (where to send your kids to school, the use of the term "gotcha" (don't like it), etc.)  Maybe I'll post again sooner, or maybe I'll try to comment more often.  Bottom line is I haven't forgotten you out there.  Keep the updates coming!